Rotary Root Canal

Rotary Root Canal

Root Canal

We provide patients of all ages with Rotary Root Canal treatment, if required.

Root canal treatment is also known as Endodontic treatment. It is sometimes necessary to save a tooth that has been too badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury.

We have invested in the latest technology to provide a safe and effective endodontic treatment to our patients.

The objective of root canal treatment is to save a tooth as there is nothing stronger and better than your own tooth for biting and chewing.

After the root canal treatment has been successfully completed, it is also very important to consider protecting and strengthening the weakened tooth with a crown or a cap.

This is done to ensure the tooth does not break, as well as seal it off so that bacteria does not re-infect the tooth.

Dr. Carmine Mignone will discuss the various options with you so you know which will best suit your tooth and situation you are in.